Science II: Biology Course Content for SY 2011-2012

Zamboanga State College of Marine Sciences and Technology
Fort Pilar, Z.C.

1st QUARTER: Science of Living Things

Topic A. Introduction to Life Science

1. Branches of Biology
2. Methods of Science:
3.Characteristics of Living Things
4. Theories about the Origins of Life

Topic B. Studying Living Things

1. The Microscope
2. The world of Microorganisms
3. Cells and Cell Theory

Topic C. The Life of the Cell

1. Life Substances
2. Cell Functions
3. Cell Division

2nd QUARTER: Diversity of Living Things

Topic A. Classifying Living Things

1. A Classification System for Organisms
2. Monerans and Viruses
3. Protists
4. Fungi

Topic B. Plants

1. Simple Plants
2. Complex Plants
3. Growth of Flowering Plants
4. Reproduction in Flowering Plants

Topic C. Animals

1. Invertebrates
2. Cold-blooded Vertebrates
3. Warm-blooded Vertebrates
4. Animal Behavior

3rd QUARTER: Human Life

Topic A. The Human Body

1. Support, Movement and Control
2. Supply and Transport
3. Internal Checks and Balances
4. Reproduction and Life Stages

Topic B. Maintaining a Healthy Body

1. Nutrients and your Health
2. Defending the Healthy Body
3. Maintaining the Balance

Topic C. Your Body’s Performance

1. Exercise
2. Making Choices about Drugs
3. Hazards in our Surroundings

4th QUARTER: Heredity and Changes

Topic A. Heredity

1. The Basis of Heredity
2. The Inheritance of Traits

Topic B. Organisms in the Past and Present

1. Inferring from Fossils
2. Time and Change
3. Variation and Change


About jazzjoy

A teacher by profession aiming to be attuned to the needs and changes of the learners and trying to bridge the traditional ways to the newer technology in communicating and transferring knowledge. Handling subjects on Computer, Microbiology, Human Anatomy and Physiology and at present Biology subject.
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